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  Personal Tracking Page
  • View / manage the list of tracked emails you have sent
  • Check the live tracking history of your emails
  Your Details
  • Change your password
  • Set or change the time zone your reports are delivered in
  • Change any other account details (Name, Address, Language, Secret Question etc)
  Email Address Settings
  • Add or remove email addresses you use for sending
  • Change the address we send your notifications to
  • Merge your different accounts into one
  Default Settings (how you send your tracked emails)
  • Choose either Recommended or Invisible defaults
  • Choose from our different banner options
  • Enable MDN's (Message Disposition Notifications)
  Notifications & Reports (what you receive regarding your tracked emails)
  • Choose how, when, and where to receive receipts & ReadNotifications
  • Select optional reporting features
  Manual Tracking Options (if you're not using our ActiveTracker plugin)
  • Choose the features to be enabled when sending your emails manually
  Data Export
  • Export your your tracking history to a spreadsheet, text, or data file
  Advanced Tracking Techniques
  • WARNING - For power users only (can adversely affect your tracking)
  • Edit the settings that are used to track your sent emails
  • Take out, renew, cancel or extend your MailTracking subscription
  • Purchase email limit increases
  Apply for or manage an affiliate account
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