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MailTracking Optional Plugin Downloads

How to track your emails

MailTracking optional email plugins give you easy and instant access to all MailTracking email tracking, certification and other email features right from your desktop.

Choose an email plugin / email tracking method which is right for you.

Which of the following best describes the way you send your emails?

Microsoft Outlook on Windows XP or 2003 (not Vista)
Microsoft Outlook on Windows XP or 2003 with Exchange (not Vista)
*NEW* We are inviting users to trial our new Outlook plugin:
Outlook on Vista or XP
Webmail -   Yahoo,   Gmail,   Hotmail,   and others.
Outlook Express with Windows XP or 2003
Outlook Express with Vista
Windows Live
Thunderbird / Mozilla / Eudora / Incredimail on Microsoft XP or 2003
Thunderbird / Mozilla / Eudora / Incredimail on Vista
AOL - America on Line
Mac or Linux or other non-PC O/S
Any others / not sure

General Icon  General Purpose Plug-in.

Our General Purpose ActiveTracker plug-in is capable of tracking from all compatible email programs on your computer.

Compatible email programs include (but are not limited to):

  • Mail sent from your SMTP server with: Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, all versions of Netscape, Eudora, Incredimail, Pegasus, Thunderbird, Mozilla, Opera, etc.,
  • Webmail sent via Internet Explorer with: Hotmail and Yahoo!
  • All windows operating systems

Your General Purpose ActiveTracker Console

Once installed, you will find your ActiveTracker console located in your system tray (near your clock)
Webmail users will also find ActiveTracker listed in their Hotmail or Yahoo compose pages (see below for example of this)

For more detailed instructions on how to use your ActiveTracker plug-in (including uninstalling), please access our Help Page which is available from your console.

Full / Custom Installation:

You are able to select the email / webmail clients you wish your General Purpose ActiveTracker to track from. For a simple full install (which is recommended), just follow the steps you're prompted to take during installation.

If you wish to select specific email / webmail clients to track from: choose 'custom' during installation; expand the list; and uncheck the ones you don't wish effected. It is recommended that you do not remove the option to retain your existing server settings unless you have been advised to do so.

Download now!
  (only 1mb)
Mirror 1 rngen32.exe Status: fast
Mirror 2 rngen32.exe Status: medium

Screen shot 
of the General Purpose MailTracking Plugin popup menu

General Icon  BETA: ActiveTracker Outlook plugin (trial version)

For use with:
  • XP or Vista operating system.
  • Microsoft Outlook or MS Exchange email program
This is a beta version of our Outlook component for XP/Vista.

Download here (4.5mb): rn-outlookonly-setup-v4.exe

General Icon  New beta! - General Purpose Plug-in v4.0 enhanced.

This is a beta-test version of the next release of our "General Purpose Plug-in." - it combines all the best features of all our plugins in one download, along with a range of exciting new improvements.

This is a beta-release product. If you experience problems using this download, please report them to as soon as possible. Here is the list of current known problems with this release:-

  1. Email clients requiring TLS or STARTTLS only (rare) need to be manually configured - consult the RN.INI file for directions.
  2. Very old Microsoft Outlook Versions (2000 and earlier) using "Exchange Mail" only; toolbar button does not work

Download here (1.5mb): rngen40.exe

Outlook Express Icon  Microsoft Outlook Express Users.

Our ActiveTracker for Outlook Express plug-in adds a new button on your compose screen giving one-click access to our most popular features.  It works with all modern versions of Microsoft Outlook Express on all Windows operating systems.

Your Outlook Express ActiveTracker Button

Once installed, you will find your ActiveTracker button located in your Outlook Express toolbar on your 'new message' page. Choose the drop down menu to select the tracking feature you wish, then press the ReadNotify button (instead of your send button) to transmit your tracked email.

Download now!
Mirror 1 setupoe2.exe Status: fast
Mirror 2 setupoe2.exe Status: medium

shot of the MailTracking for Outlook Express Email Plugin popup menu

General Icon  General Tracking

You can send tracked email from any computer, on any operating system by simply typing   on the end of your recipients email address (they won’t see this). Eg;

Here’s an example of a tracked email to

Tips and information:

Adding   uses the tracking based on your sending defaults.

You can use other sending options also if you want to (eg; certified / ensured etc) - see our FAQ: Other sending options regarding this.

If you send a group email, remember that you need to add tracking to ALL recipients, not just some of them.

If you are having trouble adding   to your recipients email address, it’s probably because your email client is trying to auto-complete the address for you (eg; trying to copy it from your address book). You can override this by continuing to type in the address over top of the one which was completed for you.

If you regularly send your tracked emails to the same people, and don’t want to type   every time, a good way to simplify this is add these people to your address book with the extension already on their email address. That way it’s there when you want it (remember to remove it if you don’t want to track to them).

New plugins are coming!

Note: the plugins we offer are optional – you do not require them to send tracked emails. See general tracking above.

We are currently working on plugins for the following:

  • Updates to Outllook / Vista plugin
  • Outlook Express (Windows Live)
  • Hotmail (Livemail)
  • The new Yahoo (classic and beta)
  • Gmail

We will send a newsletter when these new plugins are available.

Future plugin plans are intended for the following:

  • Vista operating system with other email clients (Thunderbird etc)
  • Macs
  • Linux / Unix / BSD

MailTracking ActiveTracker Desktop Email Plug-ins

Our optional email plug-ins give you easy and instant access to all of the MailTracking tracking, certification, and other email features right from your desktop!
These features include:

  • Email Tracking   Depending on how you send your messages (and how your recipients read them) your ReadNotifications will include the following:   When your emails are read;   How long they are read for;   Whether or not your recipient clicked on any links you sent them;   The location of your reader;   Whether they were forwarded ... and much more.
  • Reliable Delivery   Emails sent using our service utilize ReadNotify's new anti anti-spam technology and are transmitted via our SPF compliant servers. Not only will you receive ReadNotifications when your messages are read, but you can also choose to receive Delivery Service Notifications when your messages are initially delivered. Our service also ensures you are notified regarding any message you send which results in a 'bounce-back'.
  • Group Tracking   Track your messages to multiple recipients with just one click.
  • Certified   Receive proof-of-sending and proof-of-opening digitally signed and time-stamped court-admissible receipts
  • Self Destructing Email   Set your messages to expire after a specified time. This feature also blocks: print, copy, save, forward and print-screen. Messages sent this way can also be retracted.
  • Ensured-Receipts   Guarantee a ReadNotification for any message you send; even to recipients who read their emails offline. Messages sent this way can also be retracted
  • Detailed Notifications   Choose to receive your ReadNotifications via email and optionally by SMS, Pager, ICQ, IRC, MSN/AOL/AIM/Yahoo Messenger and on your own "Personal Tracking Page" from our site
We currently offer two different plug-ins - please choose the one which best suits your email program(s). It is recommended that you only install one to avoid conflicts.