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Document Tracking  
Document Tracking Service

How does it work?
Adobe PDF

  1. Sign up for a MailTracking account (free)
  2. Email your PDF (from your normal email program/service - using our tracking)

  1. Log in to your MailTracking account (sign up here for free)
  2. Follow the instructions here.
MailTracking offers an easy to use document tracking service for your MS Word / Excel / PowerPoint and Adobe PDF documents.

  • To track Adobe PDF documents, just email them inside a tracked email - independent PDF tracking is automatic. You can also turn PDF the tracking option on or off from your account options (Member Utilities --> My Account --> Default settings).

  • To track Microsoft Documents, all you need to do is:
    1. Open the document you wish to track
    2. Drag our 'tracking gif' onto it (this turns invisible)
    3. Save it
    4. Send it (e.g. via email, FTP, disk - anything)
What happens next?

As soon as your document is sent, it will be listed in your MailTracking Personal Tracking Page (this looks a bit like the 'sent' folder in your own email client). Then, when your document or PDF has been opened, we'll send you an email ReadNotification. You can also log in at any time to view the status of your tracked documents (and emails) in your Personal Tracking Page.

What else can you tell me about my tracked documents?

We not only let you know when your document or PDF was opened, but we will also endeavor to let you know:

  • Date, time, location, ISP, etc regarding each reading
  • Recipient / reader details
  • When applicable, details showing when your document was Printed out (on paper) or Saved (a copy made to disk)
  • Details on whether or not it was forwarded (and where possible; to whom)
  • Which pages of your PDF were read
  • Length of time read
  • How many times it was opened and re-opened (with optional instant notifications each time)
Do I have to be registered with MailTracking to send a tracked document?

Yes - otherwise you wouldn't be able to receive any tracking reports from us.
It's completely free to try - we recommend you send yourself or a friend a tracked document to experience how we work!

After registering for our free trial, you'll have access to all services (including document and email tracking). You'll find access to our Document Tracking Feature under your Member Utilities tab (you must be logged in to access this).

What else does MailTracking do?

MailTracking is the most powerful and reliable email and document tracking service that exists today. To find out what it is we do, please see our About MailTracking page.

What documents can I track?

MailTracking offers tracking for:

    Microsoft Word Documents:   DOC

    Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets:   XL / XLS

    Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations:   PPT

Other OLE documents

    Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents:   PDF

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