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Thanks for choosing to try MailTracking.   There are absolutely no-obligations associated with this free-trial, and your email address has not been added to any 'lists'.   The following will explain some basics for getting started.   We hope you like it!

Your Details
Email address registered for this service: (please log in before accessing this page)
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Tracking currently set for: Recommended Tracking
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Sending a tracked email
  • You can start sending tracked emails immediately by simply adding:   to the end of your recipients email address (they won't see this).   For example, a tracked email to:   would look like:   Yes - it really is that simple!!   (If tracking to multiple recipients in a "cc" or "bcc" format, you must add   to all addresses)

  • You can view the up-to-date history of all the tracked emails you have sent by logging in as a member at and visiting your Personal Tracking Page

    Testing?   If you send tracked emails to yourself, your anti-spam filters may block them (people don't usually write to themselves) - so we recommend you test by sending to other people

    Important Note:   Many email clients will attempt to automatically complete your recipients email address as you type it in. In order to add to the end of your recipients email address, keep typing in the address over the top of the auto-completed one.

Do you use more than one email address?
  • If you use more than one email address, please remember to add these to your account before you send tracked emails from them. You can do this from:
    Member Utilities --> My Account --> Email Address Settings (when you log-in to your current account)

  • If you are already registered under a different email address (ie; under a paid account or other current free trial) we recommend merging this free trial account into it.
Some more options

We have configured your free-trial default settings for you, per 'your details' above.   You can modify, change or add features to these settings if you like - but we recommend that you start out by using the settings we've chosen for you.

  • Recommended: We have some great plugins which will add all the tracking for you, so you don't have to add manually to your emails.   These plugins integrate seamlessly into your email client or webmail service, and simply turn the tracking 'on' or 'off' as you wish - as well as offering you a range of other great features.

  • MailTracking offers a range of different features and email tracking solutions for you.   These are all available to you on your My Account page, under Member Utilities when you log in at

    • Choose how, where and when to receive your ReadNotifications
    • Add other email addresses (for sending from) to your account
    • Change your default tracking options

  • Of course; you are not under any obligation to continue with MailTracking when your free-trial is over - however, we feel confident that you are going to love our service, so we've designed some inexpensive plans for you to choose from.   Details of these are available from our subscription page.

If you encounter any problems with your service, or cannot find answers to your queries from our FAQ's please feel free to contact us at:

Thanks! - From the MailTracking team.